Osaka, Edion Arena Osaka #2
Champion Gate in Osaka 2018 Night 1
Attendance: 1350

0. Shun Skywalker⭕️ (5:17 Boston Crab) Oji Shiiba❌
1. Dragon Kid⭕️, Kagetora (9:15 Bible) Bandido❌, Zachary Wentz
2. Ryo Saito⭕️ (5:55 Pinfall) Don Fujii❌
3. Kotoka Road to Final in Osaka 1: Shingo Takagi, El Lindaman⭕️ (11:34 German Suplex Hold) CIMA, Kotoka❌
4. Ben-K, Big R Shimizu⭕️ (10:54 Shot-put Slam)Masaaki Mochizuki, Gamma❌
5. Kzy, Susumu Yokosuka, Genki Horiguchi⭕️ (12:10 Backslide from Heaven) T-Hawk, Eita, Takashi Yoshida❌
6. Open the Brave Gate Championship Match: Punch Tominaga (8:34 Punch Clutch) Yasushi Kanda
★Tominaga becomes the 33rd champion
7. Open the Triangle Gate Championship Match: Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino, Jason Lee⭕️ (23:14 German Suplex Hold) YAMATO, Flamita, Yosuke♡Santa Maria❌
★2nd Defense

Oji came to Kotoka’s aid after the third match, delivering a dropkick to Lindaman. Lindaman was appalled that a green boy would come after a superstar like him. He wasn’t on that level yet. Things will only get worse for him when his brother is no longer around to look after him.
Kotoka gave a speech. He thanked his brother and the Osaka fans. He was inspired to become a wrestler by CIMA. He was so cool. He always aimed to be like him. Being able to team with him here in one of his final matches in Osaka is a dream come true. Tomorrow, he teams with his baby brother for the last time. They haven’t had many chance to team together, but teaming in Osaka tomorrow means both of them get to achieve a shared dream.

Ben-K told Mochizuki he looked worn out. Was he going to be ready for tomorrow? Mochizuki replied that while he was 48, he wasn’t a normal 48 year old. There won’t be a repeat of what happened in Hakata. Ben will learn the hard way what it is like to have a long and grueling Dream Gate title match.

Horiguchi and T-Hawk had a back and forth. Antias had no intention of letting the Twin Gate fall into the hands of two broken down pieces of trash. Horiguchi & Susumu created a poem using the Japanese A-I-U-E-O syllables that doesn’t translate well but said “Antias, Listen up. we are taking the belts and the glory.”

Takagi accidentally hit Kanda with a box attack, leading to the unthinkable result of Punch becoming champion. Kanda was furious. He demanded the result voided. This was all Takagi’s fault! Takagi told him that anyone that loses to someone like Punch only has himself to blame. Kanda demanded a rematch. Punch was now Brave Gate champion, and being brave means you have to accept all challenges. He accepted, and thanked Takagi for his help today. The match was set for 3/21 at Memorial Gate in Wakayama. Punch gave a speech. He has been in the business for 12 years, 6 of them as an active wrestler. This was his first title. He wants to become a brave and strong champion worthy of the belt. He looks forward to the day where he can stand in front of the fans as a legitimate champion.

Yoshino heaped praise on Maria. When this match was made, he didn’t expect to be saying the things he was about to say. Yoshino saw what Maria was really made of today. She said that she was inspired by Kzy and would carry Tribe Vanguard in his absence. Tribe lost today, but Maria shouldn’t be discouraged by that. From here, whether she returns to the old Yosuke Santa Maria or steps forward as the new Yosuke Santa Maria is up to her. Yoshino said he will always happily accept another challenge. Maria, Ben, Shimizu, even U-T. You can’t seize any opportunity you don’t go for.
Losing today hurt. It hurt bad. But the fire inside Maria has only just been lit. Today, tomorrow, the day after that. Yosuke Santa Maria will be the one carrying Tribe Vanguard.