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Store Update

We have several new items available in the Dragon Gate International Store today.

Naruki Doi x TOPREBEL Collaboration T-Shirt
Verserk T-Shirt – Mondairyu Version
Verserk T-Shirt – Naoki Tanizaki Version
Orders placed before April 5 will ship after the April 7 Korakuen Hall event.

Store Update

We have two new shirts available in the Dragon Gate International Store today.

MONSTER EXPRESS – Winter 2016 Model
Jimmyz Train 2016 T-Shirt – 23rd Open the Dream Gate Champion Jimmy Susumu Version

Orders placed between now and 3/1 will be shipped after Korakuen on the 2nd. The Susumu shirt is available for a limited time only, so don’t miss out.

Store Update

We have several new items available in the Dragon Gate International Store today.

2016 Official DRAGON GATE Hooded Sweatshirt
2016 Official Sweatpants
VERSERK T-Shirt, Winter 2016 Model
VERSERK T-Shirt, Shingo Takagi Version
Dragon Kid T-Shirt
Jimmyz Train 2016 T-Shirt
Masato YoshinoxTopREBEL T-Shirt – Black Version

As is now the common practice, all orders will be filled at the next Korakuen Hall event after the order is placed. So any orders placed now would be shipped after the 03/02 event.

Store Update

We have resumed business on the DG International Store.

For the time being, we will be continuing the practice of filling orders at the next Korakuen Hall show. However, orders will need to be placed at least 2 days before a show to ensure enough time for the information to filter down the chain of communication. Any orders placed from here on will be filled at the February Korakuen.

An unfortunate reality right now is, even though orders are passed to the company as I receive them, they do not receive priority over the merchandise stand at shows. So it is an entirely real possibility that an item will become sold out in the time between the order being placed and the next Korakuen Hall show. If this is the case, full refunds can be issued. I sincerely hope I can change this in the near future.

We’re trying the best we can. Thanks for your support.

Store update 

Following up on the last post on this matter.

I was finally able to receive everything needed to cover all pending orders. If you are owed something it will go out over the course of the next few days.

The situation going forward looks like it is going to be anything ordered in between Korakuen Hall shows will be filled after the next one, as that is the only realistic chance there is eight now for the company to give me things due to logistics and their tour schedule.

I can’t really apologize enough to those who have been waiting for a long time. It was mostly out of my hands but passing blame doesn’t change things. This is my store so it is my fault.

Pending store orders update 

Hi everyone.

I just wanted to give an update on the status for those with pending orders, or those who plan on ordering items soon.

The situation is, there have been some logisitical issues as far as the merchandise department getting the appropriate items to me. At the last Korakuen Ball show I was supposed to get everything needed to cover orders made to that point. Upon returning home I found numerous size mistakes and missing items. Making matters worse, we are currently in the middle of model refreshes so certain shirts have gone out of print or permanently out of stock. If your order falls into that category I have already contacted you. The merchandise people have a list that is up to date with any outstanding items as of this post. They have promised to send them to me via express mail this week, but as this week is a long series of shows on consecutive days I am not comfortable making the same promise. However, the worst case scenario is the 12/03 Korakuen.

Orders will be shipped as I receive the items. Thank you your patience.

New Arrivals – 11/02

Most of the new goods that went on sale at GATE OF DESTINY yesterday are now available in the International Store.

Orders placed this week will be filled on Friday.

Akira Tozawa T-Shirt
Over Generation T-Shirt
Jimmyz Train 2015 T-Shirt
Jimmyz Train Hooded Sweatshirt
Dia HEARTS T-Shirt
MONSTER EXPRESS Hooded Sweartshirt
iPhone 6/6S Cases

New arrivals – 10/28/15

We have some new products available for pre-order in the store today.

MONSTER EXPRESS T-Shirt – Fall 2015 Model

Summer Adventure Tag League 2015 Official Soundtrack

YAMATO Miso Soup of Fear Kitchen Apron

The pre-order period will end next week with the full launch of the store. All pending orders will ship at that time.