The Open the Dream Gate is the top championship in Dragon Gate.
The name of the current champion is engraved onto a plate, which is then placed on the face of the belt. The plate itself is then protected by a locked gate. In order to become a challenger to the Dream Gate, one must first secure a Challenger’s Key. If the champion is able to successfully defend, he can add the losers’ key to the title belt as a trophy. If the challenger wins, the key will unlock the gate, allowing him to replace the old nameplate with their own.
1st Champion – CIMA
2nd Champion – Masaaki Mochizuki
3rd Champion – Magnitude Kishiwada
4th Champion – Ryo Saito
5th Champion – Susumu Yokosuka
6th Champion – Don Fujii
7th Champion – Jushin “Thunder” Lyger
8th Champion – CIMA
9th Champion – Shingo Takagi
10th Champion – Naruki Doi
11th Champion – YAMATO
12th Champion – Masato Yoshino
13th Champion – Masaaki Mochizuki
14th Champion – CIMA
15th Champion – Shingo Takagi
16th Champion – YAMATO
17th Champion – Masato Yoshino
18th Champion – Ricochet
19th Champion – YAMATO
20th Champion – BxB Hulk
21st Champion – Masato Yoshino
22nd Champion – Shingo Takagi
23rd Champion – Jimmy Susumu
24th Champion – Shingo Takagi
25th Champion – YAMATO
26th Champion – Masaaki Mochizuki
27th Champion – Masato Yoshino
28th Champion – PAC

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