May 11th, 2019 – King of Gate 2019

May 11th, 2019
Osaka, Edion Arena Osaka #2
King of Gate 2019
Attendance: 825

1. YAMATO⭕️, U-T, Jason Lee, Keisuke Okuda (9:02 Galleria) Kzy, “brother” YASSHI, K-ness., Problem Dragon❌
2. King of Gate 2019 C Block: Takashi Yoshida⭕️ (10:14 Cyber Bomb) Genki ❌
3. Strong Machine J, Strong Machine F⭕️, Strong Machine G (11:22 Power Bomb) Masato Yoshino, Dragon Kid, Kaito Ishida❌
4. 3 Way Tag Team Match: PAC⭕️, Big R Shimizu (15:51 Liger Bomb) Ryo Saito, Shun Skywalker; Ben-K, Yuki Yoshioka❌
5. King of Gate 2019 D Block: Masaaki Mochizuki⭕️ (11:49 Crucifix Hold) KAI❌
6. King of Gate 2019 A Block: Naruki Doi⭕️ (12:14 V9 Clutch) Kazma Sakamoto❌
7. King of Gate 2019 B Block: Eita⭕️ (18:13 Salamander) Susumu Yokosuka❌

Shimizu told Ben-K that he has somehow managed to become even more useless since getting kicked out of R・E・D. Was Yoshioka the best partner he could find? It makes sense, since Ben’s ability and smarts qualify him for starting over in Dojo Mochizuki. He should beg them to let him join. As for Shun, who stuck his nose where it didn’t belong the other day in Korakuen Hall. He is teaming with…Ryo Saito? That comedy loser? Shun left Dojo Mochizuki to become a comedy wrestling? Also fitting for a green insect like him. Ben and Shun will never get anywhere now that they are by themselves. Shun will see just how hopeless it is tomorrow in Kobe when he & Shimizu go 1 on 1 and Shimizu shows him the difference in their power levels.
Shun responded that the one who can’t do anything on his own is Shimizu. If he doesn’t have Eita or PAC backing him up he is totally incompetent. He is own his own because he wants to forge his path by his own ability. Shimizu should never compare himself to him and he should be ready for a big fight tomorrow.

With the win today, Eita has now taken down Yoshino & Susumu. Who was left in his block? Yoshioka? Maria!? Kanda? Kanda will surely be the toughest out of those. Easy match. Easy path to winning his block and the whole tournament.

Susumu apologized for losing. He thought he went in with a good plan, but Eita was relentless and had him dead to rights at the end. It’s disappointing but KOG was only just beginning. Eita seems to be taking his remaining matches lightly. Anything can happen in league play. He should be particularly worried about Maria. Susumu feels like he has to win out the rest of the way, but thinks he can do it so he hopes the fans will stay with him.

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