May 9th, 2019 – King of Gate 2019

May 9th, 2019
Tokyo, Korakuen Hall
King of Gate 2019
Attendance: 1666

1. Yuki Yoshioka⭕️, Hyo Watanabe, Kota Minoura, Dragon Dia, Keisuke Okuda (7:42 Frog Splash) Susumu Yokosuka, Punch Tominaga, “brother” YASSHI, K-ness., Problem Dragon❌
2. ☆Dragon Gate 20th Anniversary Celebration Match Vol.5☆
Johnson Florida, Jackson Florida with Daniel Mishima (9:25 Disqualification) Genki Horiguchi, Ryo Saito❌
★Mishima claimed Saito hit him with a chair
3. Strong Machine J⭕️, Strong Machine F, Strong Machine G (9:48 Majin Fusha Gatame) Dragon Kid, Jason Lee❌, Kaito Ishida
4. King of Gate 2019 B Block: Eita⭕️ (4:08 Crucifix Hold) Masato Yoshino❌
5. King of Gate 2019 D Block: Shun Skywalker⭕️ (11:28 Super Ashla) Masaaki Mochizuki❌
6. PAC⭕️, Big R Shimizu, Yasushi Kanda, Takashi Yoshida, Kazma Sakamoto (12:30 Tombstone Piledriver) KAI, Kagetora❌, Yosuke♡Santa Maria, U-T, Hiroshi Yamato
7. King of Gate 2019 A Block: Kzy⭕️ (14:05 Skayde Schoolboy) Naruki Doi❌
8. King of Gate 2019 C Block: Ben-K⭕️ (17:01 Choke Sleeper) YAMATO❌

The Super Florida Bros. were up to their old antics. Despite being out of the ring for many years, Jackson’s glass knee did not heal at all. Johnson lost his mask at one point during the match, revealing referee Takayuki Yagi. Johnson had previously revealed on Twitter that he was unable to secure a visa, so perhaps Yagi was a last minute substitute. After match official Mr. Nakagawa was taken out by a completely unintentional low blow, Mishima put on the Johnson mask and Yagi returned in full referee attire. He continued to participate in the match and as he always did 15 years ago, was deceived the Florida Chair Illusion. Backstage, Mishima wondered where Michael Iwasa was and if it was related to the Trump Administration or new immigration laws making it difficult to get visas. Mishima hitchhiked to Japan, while Johnson swam across the Pacific Ocean and had to fight giant dolphin. He was only saved when he got caught in the net of a Japanese fishing boat. (Due to the previous revelation that it was Yagi under the mask , , it is possible that this story is not entirely true). Johnson insisted that they would return with all 4 members next time.

Skywalker apologized for leaving Dojo Mochizuki the way he did, without any explanation or previous warning. He did it because it was a necessary step for him on his way to becoming one of the top stars in Dragon Gate. He hopes Mochizuki will understand that.
Mochizuki reminded him that the dojo rules were always that you could come and go as you please. He appreciated the pro wrestling theatrics aspect of making such a bold move on a grand stage. But, the other members of the dojo were also out there fighting very hard to help him escape the cage while worried about their own futures in the dojo. Maybe he could have just quit the dojo and then did this match today and that would have been enough. No need to go through the cage match. He’s not upset that Shun won today. They will fight many more times. Because of that he isn’t going to give him any words of encouragement on his way out. What he is going to do is use Dojo Mochizuki to train and cultivate fighters that are strong enough to beat him. Shun has also become a foe worthy of revenge, so he should be prepared for that to come at any time.
Shun thanked Mochizuki again for all he did for him. His big win today was just the first step down his new path and it was one that was going to lead to him winning King of Gate 2019. Skywalk!

R・E・D attacked Ben immediately after the main event. Ben being in the main event right after being kicked out of R・E・D was some bullshit. He’s all alone now. No friends. What could he possibly do on his own? He may as well leave Dragon Gate now because he was useless.

R・E・D repeated the scene from Aichi where they held him down and Eita smashed a chair over his head. Shun Skywalker hit the ring to run off R・E・D. He wasn’t just going to sit back and let them do whatever they want. Eita thinks Ben can’t do anything on his own but it’s clear that R・E・D are the ones that can’t do anything unless it’s as a gang.
Shimizu was amused. Who does he think he is? He hasn’t seen him much lately. Right, because he was injured. He’s also the total dumbass that kicked himself out of his own unit. How fucking stupid is that? What a dumbass! Him & Ben are on their own now and there is nothing they can do. If R・E・D sees them, they will beat them down because R・E・D controls Dragon Gate.

Masato Yoshino hit the ring at lightning speed. He wasn’t particularly here to make the save but he felt like this was a good time for R・E・D to take a hike. He was here to talk about the message he sent last month to Ultimo Dragon. He had no idea what Dragon’s schedule was like when he invited him to come today, but based on information he gathered yesterday he knows that Dragon wrestled a match in Tokyo and he is still in Japan. He called him to the ring.

Separados played and a person in an Ultimo Dragon mask came to the ring and mimicked his mannerisms, but one look at his waist size and tights gave away that it was not the genuine article, but Touru Owashi. Why was he here? Owashi said he had no intentions of playing any tricks on anyone. He does have a real reason for being here. Yesterday, he had held his own show, the Luchanko Mania festival. Ultimo Dragon wrestled on that show and he had a chance to talk with him in the locker room. Dragon told him to dress up like him and come to Korakuen Hall today, but for a purpose. He had a message to deliver. 15 years is a very long time. Getting Ultimo Dragon to come and fight in this ring is not something that can happen overnight. What he wants to know is, is Masato Yoshino the only one who wants him to come, or is it everyone? That is the question Owashi came to ask.
Yoshino admitted that the way he presented it last month made it seem like it was his own selfish request. If that is what Dragon wants to know, then they will get confirmation here in the ring right now. He invited anyone else who wanted to see Ultimo Dragon come to Dragon Gate to come to the ring.
The entire roster came out, including the currently injured BxB Hulk and the incapable of speech Strong Machines.
Doi said that to the Toryumon generation, Ultimo was their second parent. He was the one who created the foundation for them to achieve the 20 year milestone. Everyone wants to see him come to Dragon Gate. They will be waiting.
YAMATO came after the company had become Dragon Gate. He’s never met Ultimo Dragon. But he knows he must be great based on what he sees from the Toryumon generation that he shares the locker room with. He also wants to see Ultimo Dragon come to Dragon Gate. It is a consensus.
Yoshino asked Owashi to deliver the message. Owashi promised he would and said that the answer would come next month in Korakuen Hall.

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