12/25 The Final Gate 2016

Fukuoka, Fukuoka Kokusai Center
The Final Gate 2016
7600 Attendance

1. Jimmy K-ness J.K.S., “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa, Yosuke♡Santa Maria⭕ (6:11 Neraiuchi) Gamma, Punch Tominaga❌, Shachihoko BOY
2. Bxb Hulk, Kzy⭕ (10:57 Elbow Smash) Jimmy Susumu, Big R Shimizu❌
3. Masaaki Mochizuki, Don Fujii⭕ (12:03 HIMEI) Takehiro Yamamura❌, Kaito Ishida
4. Open the Brave Gate Championship Match: Eita (11:34 Salamander) Jimmy Kagetora
☆4th Defense
5. 57th Open the Triangle Gate Champion Decision 3 Way Match: Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito, Jimmy Kanda vs. Masato Yoshino, Kotoka, Ben-K vs. Cyber Kong, Problem Dragon, El Lindaman
-Susumu (Backslide) Cyber
-Susumu (25:23 Jumbo no Kachi!) Kotoka
☆The Jimmyz become the 57th champion team
6. Open the Twin Gate Championship Match: CIMA⭕, Dragon Kid (26:41 Meteora) Shingo Takagi, T-Hawk❌
☆1st Defense
7. Open the Dream Gate Championship Match: YAMATO (34:38 Galleria) Naruki Doi
☆2nd Defense

YAMATO & Doi had their face to face interview after the second match. Doi was going to be a worthy challenger, and take it to the champion with everything he had. He give himself the greatest Christmas present of all. The Dream Gate title belt. YAMATO simply refused to lose in his final defense of 2016. There is a long history between the two of them. After going head to head, the final chapter would say that YAMATO was the better man.

The Jimmyz invited Horiguchi into the ring to join the championship celebration. Even though he wasn’t fighting with them, his spirit was. This makes him a part of the championship team.

CIMA was busted wide open by a Verserk box attack. He apologized afterwards. His keynote colour is usually blue, but today was is deep red. He mused that may mean he is in fact Santa Claus. Hopefully he brought happiness to all the kids watching today.

YAMATO thanked Doi for today. When the year started, together they were the greatest tag team the Twin Gate division had ever seen. Then, Doi conspired to kick him out of Verserk. He hasn’t quite forgiven him for his actions. But he owes a lot of his growth as a competitor to their time as a tag team. It is also because of that twist of fate that he stands here today as Dream Gate champion. Sometimes the best way for wrestlers to understand their rivals is to fight them. While he hasn’t forgiven him, after today he is willing to let it be in the past. The longest reigning Twin Gate champions of all time should end 2016 with a hand shake. Shake hands. Hand shake. Shake hands.
Doi refused. He stumbled down the ramp to the entrance gate, where he was assisted by two mysterious, shrouded figures.

YAMATO was baffled and continued to request handshakes. Eventually he refocused and gave his closing speech. He was going to continue to carry both the title and the company into 2017 and beyond. He only had one thing left to say. In 2016 wasn’t he…no, wasn’t Dragon Gate just the coolest?

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