05/07 The Gate of Passion

Aichi, Tsushima Bunka Hall
600 Attendance

1. CIMA, Dragon Kid, Eita⭕ (14:55 Shushu) Jimmy Susumu, Jimmy Kagetora, Hyou Watanabe❌
2. Takehiro Yamamura (10:21 Leg Roll Clutch) Yosuke Santa Maria
3. Ryo “Jimmy” Saito⭕, Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!! (0:20 Pinned after receiving a Lariat from Fujii) Don Fujii, “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa❌
3b. Ryo “Jimmy” Saito⭕, Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!! (10:16 SaiRyo Rocket) Don Fujii, “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa❌
4. YAMATO⭕, BxB Hulk (11:36 Frankensteiner of the Almighty) Jimmy K-ness J.K.S.❌, Jimmy Kanda
5. Naruki Doi⭕, Big R Shimizu, Kotoka (16:31 Bakatare Sliding Kick) T-Hawk, Takashi Yoshida, El Lindaman❌

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05/05 Dead or Alive 2017

Aichi, Aichi Prefectural Gym
Dead or Alive 2017
6000 Attendance

0. Jimmy Kanda⭕, Shachihoko Boy (6:14 Ryu’s) Shun Skywalker, Hyou Watanabe❌
1. Kzy, Yosuke Santa Maria, Flamita⭕ (8:01 Flam Fly) Gamma, Eita, Draztick Boy❌
2. Masaaki Mochizuki, Don Fujii⭕ (10:55 Super Choke Slam) “brother” YASSHI, Punch Tominaga❌
3. Open the Brave Gate Championship Match: Jimmy Kagetora (13:42 Kurumagakari) Takehiro Yamamura
☆1st Defense
4. Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!, Jimmy Susumu, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito⭕, Jimmy K-ness J.K.S. (13:47 Double Cross) Masato Yoshino, Big R Shimizu, Kotoka❌, Ben-K
5. Open the Twin Gate Championship Match: CIMA, Dragon Kid⭕ (21:36 Bible) T-Hawk, El Lindaman❌
☆5th Defense
6. Open the Dream Gate Dead or Alive Mask vs. Hair 5 Way Steel Cage Match: YAMATO vs. Naruki Doi vs. BxB Hulk vs. Shingo Takagi vs. Cyber Kong
YAMATO (44:29)
☆5th Defense for YAMATO

After match 2, the steel cage entrants had an interview segment. Cyber Kong said he was the only one on that stage to never be Dream Gate champion. That ends today. Takagi said it has been nearly 9 months since he lost the title to YAMATO. He’s bored. Nothing has changed in those 9 months. Where is this supposed Golden Age of Dragon Gate that YAMATO proclaimed to bring? He is a liar and a fraud. His time is up. Takagi has no choice but take the title back and steer the course his own way. Hulk apologized to YAMATO. He feels bad, but he wants to win, even if that means YAMATO ends up bald and beltless. Doi received a big reaction. He was back in Nagoya as Naruki Doi of MaxiMuM. He was going to stave off the interference from the others, and defeat YAMATO to secure a happy ending for everyone. YAMATO thanked the fans for filling the arena to capacity again this year. He survived last year, and will do so again this year. The Golden Age starts today.

Yamamura refused a handshake from Kagetora. Kage was really impressed with him. He was doing things 18 months in his career that Kagetora wasn’t even thinking about at the same experience level. He is looking forward to watching him grow into a fearsome opponent. He was planning on still being Brave Gate champion when that happens, so he is welcome to challenge again.

MaxiMuM and the Jimmyz argued after their match. Saito questioned Yoshinos’ choice in teammates. What did he think he could accomplish with partners like Kotoka and greenhorns like Ben-K? Yoshino took exception, but took more exception with his own teammates reaction. Why weren’t they more upset? Why weren’t they fighting back? Yoshino said he had his first target for the group. The Jimmyz. Horiguchi told them to bring it on. Their ragtag unit was no match for the Jimmyz and their 6 years together.

YAMATO survived extensive interference to retrieve the belt, leaving Cyber Kong as the loser. As per the rules, he had to remove his mask, reveal his real name and age. HE refused. The cage was built higher than he expected. Who could climb that thing? He offered up Tominagas’ hair as a substitute sacrifice. YAMATO was having none of that. Kong eventually relented. He went to remove it himself, but YAMATO stopped him. Several years ago, he was the loser of a cage match. He sat down in the chair like a man and let Cyber Kong cut his hair. Today, Kong should be a pro and do the same. Kong sat while YAMATO removed his mask. Kong also disputed the rules about his name and age. After further pressing he revealed himself as Takashi Yoshida, age 34 from Osaka Prefecture. This wasn’t the end. He’s lost everything now, so he has nothing left to fear. Verserk were going to continue to wreak havoc. Verserk left.
YAMATO said that the wrestler known as Cyber Kong is now gone. He urged Yoshida to consider his new ringname.

YAMATO thanked the fans for giving him the power to survive. He was battered and bruised, but was still champion. He thanked them for coming all the way to Aichi or watching on TV. King of Gate starts on Tuesday. He plans on winning again. He also planned on being still being champion at Dead or Alive 2018. He thanked Maria, Kzy, Flamita, & Hulk for their assistance today. Today, as always, wasn’t he just the coolest?

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05/04 The Gate of Passion

Kyoto, KBS Hall

1. Jimmy Susumu⭕, Flamita (13:11 Yokosuka Cutter) Gamma, Draztick Boy❌
2. Kzy (9:10 Kzy Time) Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!
3. Masaaki Mochizuki, Ben-K⭕ (12:57 Spear) Don Fujii, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito❌
4. Naruki Doi, Big R Shimizu⭕ (13:10 Shot-put Slam) Masato Yoshino, Kotoka❌
5. CIMA, Dragon Kid⭕, Eita (16:23 Bible) T-Hawk, El Lindaman, Punch Tominaga❌
6. Shingo Takagi⭕, Cyber Kong (19:25 Pumping Bomber) YAMATO❌, BxB Hulk

Following Yoshino yesterday, Kotoka also announced he was returning to action. He also managed to talk his way into membership in the new unit.

At the end of the show, the group unveiled the name. The unit will be called MaxiMuM. Members are Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino, Big R Shimizu, Kotoka, & Ben-K.

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05/03 The Gate of Passion

Kyoto, KBS Hall
700 Attendance

0. Yuki Yoshioka (5:00 Time Limit Draw) Hyou Watanabe
1. Jimmy Kagetora⭕, Don Fujii (11:34 Kurumagakari) Gamma, Takehiro Yamamura❌
2. Big R Shimizu (8:31 Shot-put Slam) Jimmy K-ness J.K.S.
3. Flamita⭕, Draztick Boy (11:30 Flam Fly) Dragon Kid, Eita❌
4. BxB Hulk⭕, Kzy (16:20 First Flash) YAMATO, Yosuke Santa Maria
5. T-Hawk, Cyber Kong (Short Range Pineapple Bomber) Shingo Takagi, El Lindaman❌
6. Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino⭕, Ben-K (19:06 Sol Naciente) Jimmy Susumu, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito, Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!❌

Yoshino announced he was officially back on a full time basis. Details regarding the unit will be revealed in the coming days.

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04/30 The Gate of Passion

Hiroshima, Hiroshima Sangyou Hall
850 Attendance

1. Shingo Takagi, T-Hawk, El Lindaman⭕ (13:05 Tiger Suplex Hold) Masaaki Mochizuki, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito, Draztick Boy❌
2. Jimmy Kagetora (9:49 Crucifix Hold) Kzy
3. Gamma, Eita⭕ (14:57 Ben-K Bomb Counter Hurricanrana) Don Fujii, Ben-K❌
4. Naruki Doi, Big R Shimizu⭕ (15:51 Shot-put Slam) Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!❌, Jimmy Susumu
5. YAMATO⭕, BxB Hulk, Flamita (16:26 Galleria) CIMA, Dragon Kid, Takehiro Yamamura❌

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