Kyoto, KBS Hall
Attendance: 800

1. Susumu Yokosuka⭕️, Don Fujii, Jason Lee (13:45 Jumbo no Kachi!gatame) Masaaki Mochizuki❌, CIMA, Eita
2. U-T⭕️ (4:57 Pasion) Punch Tominaga❌
3. Genki Horiguchi⭕️ (8:12 Backslide from Heaven) Kagetora❌
4. Naruki Doi⭕️, Masato Yoshino (12:35 Bakatare Sliding Kick) Shingo Takagi, El Lindaman❌
5. Big R Shimizu⭕️, Ben-K (14:36 Shot-put Slam) Dragon Kid❌, Gamma
6. YAMATO⭕️, BxB Hulk, Kzy (16:20 Frankensteiner of the Almighty) T-Hawk, Yasushi Kanda, Takashi Yoshida❌

Susumu & Mochizuki had a confrontation after the opener. You never know what is going to happen in Kyoto. What happened today is Susumu pulled off the upset and pinned the champ. In Osaka on November 3rd, he will do it again. Mochizuki told him that the real fight was still to come. He went down today, but he will be ready for anything Susumu can throw at him in their title match. Susumu replied that he has much more in his arsenal than the Jumbo no Kachi! and Mochizuki is the one that should be practicing.

U-T gave the same speech he gave in Korakuen. He has had no unit since the end of the Millennials. He hasn’t done anything of note and the generation beneath him have already begun to pass him by. He will not give up. He will leave a mark in DG because he is U-T.

Horiguchi and Kagetora had a discussion after their match. It has been a week since the Jimmyz ended. There remains an emptiness inside Horiguchi that he hasn’t been able to fill. The others have all gone their separate ways. Some have taken a dark path. Some are pursuing a championship path. You have to make your own chances if you want to remain a player in Dragon Gate. You have to find your own fulfillment. Today, by showing his courage to the Kyoto faithful, he took the first steps towards that. Kagetora knew exactly what he meant. They spent 6 years together and he still understands him. Kagetora challenged him to come for the Brave Gate. They agreed to give their all. Man to Man, former Jimmy vs. former Jimmy at Gate of Destiny on November 3rd.

After scoring another win over Dragon Kid, Big Ben once again demanded a Twin Gate title match with CK-1. Ben told CIMA that aside from DoiYoshi, all of their previous challengers were lukewarm at best. Big Ben were on fire and were going to take the titles. DK accepted and the match was set for Osaka.
Again, Eita levied some criticism towards DK. He lost again today, like he lost in Korakuen. If he keeps up this pace does he really expect to be able to keep the Twin Gate?!? CIMA told him he must have taken a blow to the head to make him talk so much. In Korakuen, Eita was the one teaming with DK so he should share some of the blame. Today, Gamma does. That is what it means to be a team. CK-1 know what it means to be a team, that is why they are the champions.

Tribe Vanguard challenged Verserk to a Triangle Gate title match but were interrupted by Doi & Yoshino. Doi pinned Lindaman earlier in the evening. He is on the champion team so that means they deserve a title shot. Takagi had no problems with their logic but pointed out there were only two of them. Kotoka came out, announcing he was back in action. Takagi had no problem with accepting their challenge if this was the best they could do. YAMATO had issues with someone returning from an injury and just being given a championship opportunity. Doi looked at is as more of a celebration of his return. Lindaman had no issues with Tribe Vanguard because they sucked and weren’t a threat to them. However, he also took exception with that midget loser Kotoka. It would be irresponsible to set up such an important match with him because there is a high chance he will find a way to injure himself again. The title match ended up being made a three way. Lindaman said that someone should call the ambulance ahead of time so they can be on alert.

Tribe Vanguard began to close out the show but Over Generation interrupted. CIMA apologized for the interruption but he had an important announcement to make that really could only happen in this spot. YAMATO conceded and left them to it.

CIMA had a quiz. No, a question. No, he had a problem. A Problem Dragon. He called out Mondairyu and passed the microphone to him. He really didn’t think there was any hope for his neck hernia, but Over Generation fought so hard to save a place for him to return to. To repay that debt and for all the fans that have been waiting patiently for him, he will be returning to the ring on 9/29 in Kobe.

CIMA noted that neck injuries have become a hurdle for Over Generation members. Except for Eita. Eita, who has been doing a lot of talking and complaining as of late while doing his fair share of losing. On November 3rd in Osaka, Eita will be faced with a hurdle in the form of a singles match. He isn’t telling him his opponent, but it is someone that everyone knows. A wrestler that CIMA was enamored with at first sight.

Mondairyu closed the show by saying that the best of 2017 was left to come for himself & Over Generation.