Tokyo, Korakuen Hall
1850 Attendance

1. Masaaki Mochizuki, BxB Hulk, Shachihoko BOY, Flamita⭕ (11:28 Flam Fly) Don Fujii, Dragon Kid, Eita, Draztick Boy❌
2. Jimmy K-ness J.K.S., Jimmy Kanda, Jimmy Kagetora⭕ (11:18 Upper Cut) Kzy, Yuki Yoshioka❌, Katsumi Takashima
3. CIMA, Gamma⭕ (15:15 Boston Crab) El Lindaman, Punch Tominaga❌
4. T-Hawk (17:23 Night Ride) Takehiro Yamamura
5. Shingo Takagi⭕, Cyber Kong (17:58 Taka no Tsume) YAMATO❌, Yosuke♡Santa Maria
6. Open the Triangle Gate Championship Match: Naruki Doi⭕, Big R Shimizu, Ben-K (21:00 Bakatare Sliding Kick) Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!, Jimmy Susumu, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito

Problem Dragon accompanied Osaka06 to the ring. He was quickly attacked and had his mask torn off. He was then sent backstage for the majority of the match. He returned with a new color mask and hit Tominaga with powder, allowing Gamma to score the pin. CIMA led a Problem Dragon chant, and told him to keep up his rehab. He also congratulated Gamma on returning from his surgery in fine fashion. He poked fun at his sunburn. Gamma admitted he slacked on tanning while rehabbing, so he hurriedly went to the salon three days in a row. Gamma then announced he was ready to return to full time competition.

T-Hawk told Yamamura any time he wants another ass kicking, he can come get one. That also goes for Ben-K and Shimizu.

Takagi and Kong once again could not stay on the same page, leading to them hitting each other a few times. Kong was still more than happy to praise Takagi for his comeback win, but Takagi wasn’t moved by the gesture. What was Kong trying to pull today? Kong reminded him that he did the same thing in Kobe. Takagi blew that off. That was all Tominagas’ fault. Today was all Kong! In fact, he thinks he did it on purpose! Kong said maybe it was. But maybe Takagi did it on purpose back in Kobe. That makes them even. They turned their attention to YAMATO. He was the one with the most to lose in Aichi. YAMATO told Takagi the old Japanese saying 能ある鷹は爪を隠す. Nou aru taka ha tsume wo kakasu. Taka no Tsume being the name of the move Takagi won with. It means that someone should always keep their best tricks secret for when it matters. YAMATO won’t fall for this one again. He also said that this quarrel between stablemates is what happens when you are faced with being locked inside a cage together.Hulk got involved, and everyone promised to be the one that survives the cage. YAMATO began to close out the show before realizing there was another match left. He awkwardly did his catchphrase, even though he got pinned.

Doi celebrated the successful title match. It was a difficult fight from start to finish, but they pulled it off. His partners were still in their early 20’s, and he is forever young. He promised to return to Tokyo with the Dream Gate title belt as a double champion. The show was about to wrap up but Speed Star hit, bringing out Masato Yoshino. Doi was legitimately shocked to see him. Why was he here? Yoshino received another LINE message from Shimizu that said “Doi wants to see you really bad”, so he figured he would oblige. Doi wondered why Shimizu was having such conversations with an important title match looming. They bantered a bit before Yoshino got to the real reason he was here. To announce he would be returning to the ring at the 5/9 Korakuen Hall show! Along with Shimizu & Ben-K they also announced the formation of a new unit. Details will come soon.