Tokyo, Korakuen Hall
1850 Attendance

1. Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!, Jimmy K-ness J.K.S.⭕, Jimmy Kanda, Shachihoko BOY (6:08 Hikari no Wa) Yosuke♡Santa Maria❌, Yuki Yoshioka, Katsumi Takashima, Draztik Boy
2. “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa 2017 Tokyo Finale: Don Fujii (0:27 Elbow Drop) “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa
2b. Don Fujii (2:59 Pinned after failed Ina Bauer German Suplex) “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa
3. Jimmy Kagetora (9:39 Gurumakakari) Ben-K
4. Kzy, Flamita (13:53 Impact) Jimmy Susumu, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito❌
5. YAMATO, BxB Hulk⭕ (13:16 First Flash) Masaaki Mochizuki, Big R Shimizu❌
6. Over Generation with Doi vs. Verserk Headhunting Match: CIMA, Dragon Kid, Eita, Takehiro Yamamura⭕, Naruki Doi (27:51 Stardust Press) Shingo Takagi, T-Hawk, Cyber Kong, El Lindaman, Punch Tominaga❌
*The winning team will earn the right to recruit away a member of the losing team

Kzy said that even though he failed in his attempts on the Twin Gate, he wasn’t giving up. He is in the best shape of his life and will make create his own opportunities. As the roster grows, getting a favorable & regular position gets increasingly difficult. He can see youngsters who want their chance to shine and create their own opportunities. Wrestlers like Takashima, Yoshioka, & Ben-K. Shouldn’t they be given more chances? Surely the fans want to see what they are capable of. That brings him to the Jimmyz. They’ve been together a long time. Maybe they have gotten a bit too comfortable and complacent in their roles. He used to think that as long as he had a cushy spot, that was enough. Not anymore. Dragon Gate has no place for lazy fighters. He was making it his goal to create excitement and motivation. He invited Takashima and Yoshioka into the ring. Yoshioka said he was hungry for more matches. Takashima doesn’t care who he fights, he just wants to compete more. Kzy could feel their drive. Could the Jimmyz feel it all the way over in their cozy little corner? Saito took offense. The Jimmyz were longtime Triangle Gate champions until last week. Before they could get a rematch with Verserk, Doi & his team jumped in and took the next title match. They were pissed off that they got beaten and had no chance to respond. He was going to respond now. Whoever wins that Triangle Gate match, whether it be Verserk or the challenger team, they would have to face the Jimmyz team of Horiguchi, Susumu, & Saito at the April Korakuen. Kagetora heard the appeal from Yoshioka & Takashima. There were 3 Jimmyz left. If Kzy and his young boys wanted to fight, they could have it. Kanda was looking forward to beating them up. K-ness said he wasn’t finish yet, and he would prove that in their match. GM Yagi made both matches official for next month.

Yamamura and T-Hawk continued brawling after the main event, until they were separated.
By winning the main event, Over Generation earned the right to recruit a member of Verserk. The great Verserk crusher Cyber Kong was himself crushed, so he wasn’t here. That is fine because they didn’t want him anyway. CIMA ran through the options. Shingo Takagi. It was probably time for him to change that stupid hairstyle and get some new ring gear. But having him around wouldn’t be fun. He passed on him. T-Hawk. He is new generation so he would fit that requirement. But, given his relationship with Yamamura it probably wouldn’t be a good idea. “brother” YASSHI. In all these years, CIMA has never teamed together with him. He likes it that way, and he is sure YASSHI feels the same. No one wants to see it, either. Pass. That leaves…..Mondai Ryu. Yes, really. They were selecting Mondai Ryu. He refused. He wasn’t in the match. This had nothing to do with him. He wasn’t going to join their stupid unit. CIMA noted that he was smiling. If this was such a bad thing, why was he so happy looking? Mondai Ryu continued to refuse. CIMA told him he was a reasonable man, so he would give him two choices. He was free to choose whichever path he wanted. Path A is Over Generation. Path B, he can join Fujii Heya at the lowest rank! Mondai Ryu was appalled at the idea of having to team with an old fucker like Don Fujii so he picked Over Generation.
T-Hawk wasn’t sad to hiss him go. Him being gone is probably an overall gain for Verserk. Enjoy your new home. On to more important business. YAMAMURA! If he wants to pick a fight with him, bring it on. T-Hawk lives to punish punks like him. They can settle this and go 1 on 1. Yamamura said he sure talked a lot for someone who just got beaten. T-Hawk, Takagi, Verserk. Bunch of bitchy little girls.
They agreed to a singles match for the April Korakuen.
Next was El Lindaman. He told Yamamura he would get a firsthand lesson in the law of the jungle next month from T-Hawk. He wanted CIMA. CIMA is a horrible role model, if a punk like Yamamura is an example of his leadership. He left OG because of CIMA. Punch left OG. They were flourishing now in Verserk. So, CK-1 are Twin Gate champions. What does that mean for Osaka06? Punch told Gamma to get in the ring and fight. CIMA admitted he maybe did a bad job with those two. He reminded them that it was them who injured Gamma in the first place with their weapon use. He had surgery and was still rehabbing. If they wanted a fight they take their pick from the uncrowned Brave Gate champion Eita or Dragon Kid. Punch continued to insist on Gamma until he got in the ring and struck Punch with his cane. His left arm hasn’t fully healed from the surgery, but his right arm is fine. That is all he would need to take out Punch and Lindaman.
Osaka06 vs. Lindaman & Punch was set for the April Korakuen.

Doi had gotten tired of standing around during this exceedingly long ordeal and was making his way backstage when CIMA called him back to the ring. He lead a Na-Ru-Ki! chant. Doi complained about how long all this was. He had been standing around forever! CIMA thanked him for helping out OG in their time of need. All the members bowed to him. Doi was embarrassed by this. Why did he still need to be here? Mondai Ryu? What?! None of his business anyway. After all, he was waiting for Yoshino! Waiting faithfully for Yoshino! He also has an important title match coming up in Wakayama. Next time the Korakuen Hall fans saw him, he would be Triangle Gate champion. CIMA asked about Kotoka. Doi blew that off. CIMA reminded him that Kotoka was probably watching this. Doi knows he is watching, but…that whole DoiYoshiKotoka thing. Nah. DoiYoshi is DoiYoshi. No room for Kotoka. They exchanged further pleasantries and Doi left.

CIMA called Mondai Ryu into the ring. He wanted to explain why they selected him. CIMA admitted that he has probably kicked the crap out of him more than anyone. He couldn’t help it. It is so much fun. That it was Mondai Ryu is famous for. But there was one incident about a year ago where CIMA kicked the crap out of him that stands out more than any other, right? That incident is why Mondai Ryu was drafted to Over Generation. 8 or 9 years ago, CIMA had a hernia in his neck. He couldn’t move his left side. CIMA then revealed that Mondai Ryu has a similar neck injury. Dragon Gate is a fantasy based on reality. Mondai Ryu’s neck injury is reality. However, he is Mondai Ryu. Having him in the ring was necessary. CIMA asked him to explain his situation.
Last year, he was dropped on his head. He suffered the same injury CIMA had, and he wasn’t able to move. The doctor told him he couldn’t wrestle anymore. He considered surgery and other options that could end his career. He chose to work through it, but the condition hasn’t improved. He gets numbness in his arms and he has lost a lot of strength. He was ready to retire. Then, a few days ago, his sister had a baby. The problem child of the Kimata Family was now an uncle to the first grandchild of the Kimata Family. Whenever he looks at the newborn, it gives him the resolve to return to the ring. Maybe, somewhere, there was someone who looks forward to his matches. Even if there is only that one fan, for their sake he won’t give up. It may take awhile, so don’t forget Mondai Ryu while his neck heals and he prepares for his comeback.
CIMA told him that his niece and the Mondai Ryu fans around the world would be waiting for his comeback. When he does, Over Generation will also be waiting for him. If he needs help or advice, any of them will be there to help. It will be hard. If he needs to start with one of those pink dumbbells they sell for women then so be it. But for the sake of his niece and making her into a Mondai Ryu fan he can do it. He asked him to give the closing speech.
Mondai Ryu was taken aback. He has never done this and has no idea how to do it. He has one thing to see those in attendance, and those watching live around the world. He vowed to recover from this setback and return to the ring. He was a shitty wrestler, but he was an unforgettable wrestler. He will see everyone soon. Jaaaaaaaaaaaaa naaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!